Pikkadilly ranks stores by what is important to YOU. Use the sliders to tell us how important Store Ratings, Total Price, Fast Delivery and Ease of Returns are to you. We use your slider settings to rank the stores. Change the slider settings, the ranks change.

If you click on the "By Price Only" button, stores are listed by Total Price, lowest to highest.

When comparing retailers by price, it’s the bottom line price that matters, not just the base price. This includes state and local taxes that can vary depending on who and where the retailer is and where you want the item shipped. Some states also require that other fees, such as an e-waste recycling fee, be collected. We also factor in shipping charges for ground delivery, which some retailers charge for some items.
Most retailers offer shipping via ground service for free. The delivery estimate of 5-7 business days on their websites are the typical maximum delivery times for the continental US. We factor your delivery zip code and retailers’ warehouse locations to calculate the estimated delivery dates. Here is a little-known fact about ground shipping. If a retailer has a warehouse within a day’s reach of your shipping address by ground, your package may arrive the next day without you having to pay extra for faster shipping.
When returning opened boxes imany retailers charge a restocking fee that can vary from 5% to 30% of the price of the item. Some retailers allow you to return the item in the same box with prepaid postage, while others will allow you to return it at a brick and mortar location, and yet others do not make returns convenient for the shopper. We list all the important features of each retailer’s returns policy, and make it convenient for you to read a retailer’s full policy.
Data on retailer reputations across the net are not always reliable. Some sites have good quality data. Others give lifetime scores and are not the best guides to current scores, for better or worse. We analyze and filter the data sources for a more reliable score, and a default score if none is available.