Pikkadilly ranks stores by what is important to YOU. Use the sliders to tell us how important Store Ratings, Total Price, Fast Delivery and Ease of Returns are to you. We use your slider settings to rank the stores. Change the slider settings, the ranks change. If you click on the "By Price Only" button, stores are listed by Total Price, lowest to highest.

Store ratings = Includes customer ratings, guest check out details, steps to checkout and payment options accepted.
Total price = Base price + applicable shipping costs + applicable sales tax + applicable recycling fees to your “ship to” zip code.
Estimated delivery = Delivery timelines from Stores to your “ship to” zip code.
Return policy = Retailer’s return policy including applicable restocking fees, free return shipment options, home pick up options, local store drop off options, online return processing and time to receive refund.

Pradip Sur is the Founder and CEO of Pikkadilly. He has 20+ years experience in sales having worked for HP and managed relationships with Apple, Dell, CDW, Staples, Office Depot and MacMall. Bani Maiti is our CTO and has 20+ years experience in Software Development and Integration, Neural Networks and Statistical Analysis.

We owe our success to the customers who visit us, engage with us, use our sliders and help us improve a little every day.